Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite Leaks, Could Be Cheapest Streamer Yet

Amazon is holding a devices and services launch tomorrow and we expect the company to unveil a range of new smart home products, including new Echo speakers (and maybe smart displays), along with news about its subscription services.

The leaks are beginning, though, and Roland Quandt – best known for phone leaks – has got images and some information about a new version of Amazon’s budget streaming dongle, the Fire TV Stick, which you’ll find on WinFuture.

It looks like it will replace the non-4K version of the Fire TV Stick, which is showing as ‘Currently unavailable’ on Amazon’s website.

That typically happens when it is about to launch an updated version, so the leak is likely to be legit.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

The marketing images show clearly the new remote control. This doesn’t have the volume or TV on/off buttons found on the second generation of Alexa remote included with the 4K and 1080p models, but instead has a new button with a TV symbol.

Amazon Fire TV Stick Lite

As the WinFuture article notes, nothing besides the images is known, but Amazon has been working with TV networks to provide more content via its Fire TV interface. Speculation is therefore rife that the button could take you to a section where you can watch live TV, or it might be a feature similar to that on the Fire TV Cube which allows you to control a separate set-top box, such as a Freeview receiver.

The Fire TV Stick this new Lite model could replace was launched in 2019 (read our review) and cost £39.99/$49.99, so there’s a chance that price will dip even lower when Amazon makes the expected announcements tomorrow.

Google is also about to launch new smart home kit including a Chromecast which runs Android TV.

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